Project system
What part of the gamemode/map needs addition/changing: Science
Details: Allows you to create Projects. Project is a group of scientists working on something. They can have a custom page link (/page abc - abc custom page link, calls everyone in the Project) They can get group Grants* and share labs.  
Projects could be managed in a PC program
Why is this change necessary?: Creates a squad for Scientists.
What (if any) method you use to achieve a 'placeholder'?: Sharing doors.

* Things from my other suggestions
RP groups will be available in-game, for higher ranked personnel, in exchange for money and XP.

RP groups will have certain options such as access to a project 'treasury' and bank account, as well as special in-game channels of communication and access options. They will be able to set their member's salary using their own funds, which they gain through contraband/science etc. systems. Groups may will have their own website in-game.
Officials of the RP group will be responsible for their members.

The legacy 'Project' system has been scrapped and will not return.

This is not a promise that RP groups will exist, this is merely me telling you how it will be used to replace the 'projects' system.


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