Grant System
What part of the gamemode/map needs addition/changing: Money distribution, Facility Administrator's job
Details: The facility administrator has the ability to give "grants" to people and Projects*. The amount and effectiveness is limited by Grant Points* given out by the Government Inspector
There will be many grants available to use:
1. Medical Grant - Gives any Medical Personnel online some money. (Government Inspector mustn't find any unhealthy personnel*)
2. General Generous Grant - Gives everyone some money (If you don't know who to fund)
3. Poverty Grant - Gives some starting funds to people who need help (When Administrator doesn't want to use his own money)
4. Project funding Grant - Gives X amount of money to a Project* (Science equipment* costs some money) (X = 3 levels of funding: small, medium and big)
5. Building Grant - Gives money to a chosen person which wants to build something (Alternatively you can give them unlimited building funds)
6. Other variations of the 1. Grant - Cooking, Security, etc.
Why is this change necessary?: Administrator has some other use rather than just the boss. He has important decisions to make and needs to keep the facility in a good state to get more Grant Points*
What (if any) method you use to achieve a 'placeholder'?: More salaries

* A thing from my other suggestion.
We will not have a Grants system. We will however have a basic/intermediate finances system available for the administration team.
Depending on access, this system shows the facility's balance, expenses and incomes of various kinds, the expenses distribution and amount.

The administration team can indirectly help factions by changing their subsidies' rate on salary, item buy costs, running fees (generators), prop spawn etc.. Lower funding also means less available slots for each team (at a time), and affects the facility's operation in a number of ways.

Funding is received from the NPC requisition system (fees on player transactions), area rentals, misc. fees, generated items (through science system), equipment or weaponry sold to investors, and United States funding, which is changed by events and incidents in the world and the game. Certain objects can become scarce at times, and the administration team will have to step in to provide subsidies for their purchase, because if they don't, they will have less income. If the board of directors or the facility CEO is not satisfied with the way the money is spent, they can take action against the Administrator and his team. The board can also inject/take out money from the facility to raise/use funds, and their decision is likely to be influenced by inspection reports.

In a nutshell, there will be no grants, only a mediocre finance system. The one described above is pretty much just an over-complication, it will be alot simpler than that.
Please have a discussion on this one.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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